Extraordinarily Ordinary

We decided to look at everyday, ordinary things and considered, as a group, what they meant. Inspiration for the name came from a comment made by one of its members.

With the support of creative professionals from a variety of creative disciplines, the group began to develop their own creative voices. During the year-long project, each member produced a wealth of diverse and creative work, which documents and expresses their responses using the ordinary as inspiration and turns it into something extraordinary.

Whilst some work plays with metaphor and wider topics, others are simply the enjoyment of materials or patterns. The work has developed through the diversity of observations unique to each person and their response to examining the ‘ordinary’.

The work is as diverse and individual as the group’s members. At the same time, through shared experiences, a strong group unity was forged. Perhaps this provides a metaphor for life?

Development of any project relies on feedback and evaluation. There will be a talk by Corinne Marsh and some of the participants on Friday 7th October at 5.30pm, please feel free to join us at this time.

With thanks to the individuals who have taken part, whose sensitivity, enthusiasm and commitment to support and enhance the project is very much appreciated.

Since doing this project my own interest in other artists and understanding has grown immensely. I now know what I like about art.


I've found that the project Silent Screaming was extremely motivating and stimulating and helped see me through a bereavement.


Everything that I've done here is new, it's stuff I wouldn't have thought of doing. Since I've been coming here I've done a lot more of my own stuff.


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