Project Work

Art is a great way to spend time together playing and learning. Under the umbrella of mental health our project work supports people to overcome barriers, fulfil their potential and participate fully in their community.

Psychological wellbeing is improved through education, creative activity and
shared understanding. Absolutely no experience is necessary — only a willingness to participate.

Make sense of your thoughts and do something that is fun and relaxing that boosts wellbeing, and make some great art in the process!

Workshops and Kids' Workshops: Coming Soon

We are currently scheduling our public workshops, which will include Life Drawing, Portraiture, an Introduction to Sculpture and Mindfulness.

There will also be a workshop on The Creative Imagination - Depression & Anxiety: What is it, and how to overcome it?

Project Work
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Current Projects

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  • Homelessness: BDBC
  • Mental Health and Covid19: BDBC
  • Mental Health Project: This is My Space

Mental Health and Covid19: BDBC

A series of weekly two hour workshops over eight weeks. Each workshop provides practical recovery orientated tools and expressive visual art activities. One workshop in each block will have a guest artist from another discipline.

Mental Health Project: This is My Space

A creative arts project that uses psychological approaches to provide a safe, supportive environment in which you can express your thoughts and ideas.

Homelessness: BDBC

An outreach project that works directly with people who currently experience homelessness. We want to provide a platform through creative achievement where people can create work that is relevant to them.

Past Projects

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  • Early Projects
  • Extraordinarily Ordinary
  • Female Autism Project: Looking Through The Window
  • Probation Project
  • Silent Screaming
  • Veterans' Project: Looking Through the Window

Female Autism Project: Looking Through the Window

This six month project invites women with or without a formal diagnosis of Autism and who have accessed mental health services, to work alongside artists and each other.

Veterans’ Project: Looking Through the Window

A series of 13 weekly workshops taking place online invited Veterans and their loved ones to participate in shared activities.
Veteran's Hero

Silent Screaming

Through the emotion of fear, we are all connected. This project brought together a group of individuals to look at fear, how it manifests itself and, in the face of our fears, how we behave. During the process, some of this silent fear was released.

Extraordinarily Ordinary

We decided to look at everyday, ordinary things and considered, as a group, what they meant. Inspiration for the name came from a comment made by one of its members.

Probation Project

A psychologically informed creative arts project that invited participants open to the Probation Service to learn to open up creative expression enabling mutual understanding and positive use of the imagination.

Early Projects

We delivered our first project, Alienation and Isolation, in Basingstoke in 2012 with funding from University of Winchester.

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