Female Autism Project: Looking Through the Window

Women on the Autistic Spectrum are currently significantly under diagnosed. This six month project invites women with or without a formal diagnosis of Autism and who have accessed mental health services, to meet, work alongside each other with artists.

Currently online, the workshops will move to studio-based activity in central Basingstoke from 9th June 2021

We hope these workshops will give a focus and structure to the week, help to rediscover interests and sources of creativity ultimately producing a visual work that we hope will raise awareness of this condition and communicate what having an Autistic condition is like.

Workshops are appropriate for all skills and experience and take place within a safe and supportive atmosphere where knowledge, ideas and skills can be shared and confidence grows.

Costs are based on ability to pay and range between £3-£6 per session


Wednesdays 10.30am to 12.30pm

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