Silent Screaming

We are all touched by fear, in forms infinite in diversity and as varied and unique as we are individual. It can lie within us, deeply buried and silent.

Through the emotion of fear, we are all connected. This project brought together a group of individuals to look at fear, how it manifests itself and, in the face of our fears, how we behave. During the process, some of this silent fear was released.

With the support of professionals from a variety of creative disciplines, the group began to develop their own creative voices.

During the project, which ran between July and October, each member produced a wealth of diverse and creative work, documenting their own, unique experiences. As a result, each participant explored their own reactions and actions, gaining insight in to how fear can manifest itself, both physically and emotionally.

We would like to thank the individuals who took part in the project, for showing courage and a willingness to explore their own fears through creative expression. We would also like to thank the artists acknowledged below, whose sensitivity, enthusiasm and commitment to support and enhance the project is very much appreciated.

Corinne Marsh –Arts practitioner and project leader

Hughie Carroll – Poet and website developer
Nzie – Grafitti Artist
Sarah Brown – Theatre Practitioner
Ben Mills – Film Maker
Chester Barrett – Sound Engineer

Thanks also to Ross Harvie of Proteus Theatre Company and Andy Murphy of OpsComms Consulting Ltd for providing the studio space in which we worked and for being there to support this project in any way they could.


The creative direction of Silent Screaming gave me focus on making something positive out of life instead of negative thoughts and feelings.


Just having a creative outlet to express emotions through is a great, great thing. Thanks to Silent Screaming for giving people hope.


I have been to many psychological groups. None have impacted on me more than experientially exploring silent screaming through various art mediums.


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